Chalupa Vesec - ubytování Český ráj

House Rules cottage Vesec

Dear guests ,
Welcome to our cottage. Allow us to introduce you to the rules of the house rules . We believe that it will take something like this will allow you staying up all enjoy staying home and you bring nothing but wonderful experiences and memories .

Basic instructions for arrival and departure

  1. On the day of arrival before arrival at the cottage , please call ( cca.20 minutes in advance ) so we can accommodate in a timely manner . Upon arrival, you must write in the guestbook and we want a valid identity card or passport or other valid identity document. Registers all the people who use our rooms to stay.
  2. Price is for the entire cottage , apartment for single or bunk weekend min . two nights and includes all energy, including bedding and residence fee. Host at the onset pay the total amount for the stay or supplement if paid deposit.
  3. Guest at the opening of rent to the landlord lodge a cash deposit – when renting the whole cottage is the deposit of CZK 2,000 , when renting a single apartment CZK 1000. This deposit will be refunded at check in full, in the event that there are no damages , loss of equipment and clutter in the house . In the event that there is a serious damage to the equipment shall be borne by the guest cottage in full.
  4. Guests will be handed the keys to the apartment and guest accommodation . Checks the integrity of the equipment and all defects found immediately reports . During the stay in front of apartment back in order.
  5. The advent of accommodation begins on the day of arrival after 14 pm on the day of departure, the apartment must be vacated by 10 am, we all were ready for the next guests (unless otherwise agreed in advance , weekend, long weekend).
  6. Upon termination of guest accommodation outside the apartments and other premises used neat ( off the fridge , plotted basket, etc. ) at greater pollution (eg unwashed dishes – fee 500 CZK ) . Front of the apartmeandreturn the keys.

Basic rules for Accommodation

We try to make our cottage equipment was enjoyable for all who comes to us with children, friends – let off steam sports, hiking tour of the natural beauty of the Bohemian Paradise , so it deserves to Him guests behave decently and not destroy it.

  1. The entire property is non-smoking (allowed at the designated point – ashtray)
  2. The apartments and houses in other areas may not without the consent of the lessor move equipment , utensils , or interfere with the mains and other installations. If you find a defect report it immediately to the landlord.
  3. Please sort waste: plastic, cardboard , cans , glass.
  4. If possible, use slippers
  5. The cottage has a limited supply of water – it therefore please conserve
  6. Heating units in the rooms are equipped with thermostatic valves , it is possible to regulate the temperature in the room of your choice (for winter stay)
  7. Children in full responsibility of parents , so do not leave them unattended (pool, trampoline , etc.)
  8. Receiving visitors without notice and consent of the property owner is prohibited.
  9. Pets are not possible
  10. Password for Internet WIFI will be shared while check in.
  11. The Host shall comply with all provisions of this house rules . In the event that it is grossly violating the landlord has the right to immediately terminate accommodation services with no refund of fees for residence.


Thank you and wish you a pleasant stay
Michael and Jana Tanečkovi – the owners


This order shall take effect on July 1, 2014